Charles Bean's Great War

TV Movie  2010  52m
Director : 
Wain Fimeri
Writer : 
Wain Fimeri


In this dramatised documentary, Charles Bean, war correspondent, obsessive historian and reluctant myth maker; tells us all about his remarkable life. From the playing fields of England via the Australian outback, to the maelstrom of the Great War, Charles Bean wrote about life and truth, yet everyone thought he created a myth. He loved Australia the way most people love another person, and as so often happens in love, Australia let him down...

press Quotes

'His life is retold with admirable artistry and succinctness through terrific understated narration, (provided by Nadine Garner); and excellent re-enactments. The result is a wonderfully compact, complex and textured examination of one of the most quietly influential men in Australian history.'
Critic's Choice, Pick of the Week.
Sunday Age

'It's a wonderful story told with grace, quiet humour, and a great deal of cinematic skill. Fimeri delivers an elegiac and thoroughly arresting portrait of one of our great writers. As he always does, Fimeri works in a kind of speculative reverie; always alert to riddle, quizzicality and quirk. And like a biographer, Fimeri sees his job as winkling out the truth: one of interpretation, selection and conjuring a terrific story.'
The Australian

'A thoroughly absorbing new documentary about Charles Bean the courageous Australian war correspondent, intellectually honest, determined to publish unpalatable truths, and to admit where he had been wrong. His description of the, 'tender Australian public which only tolerates flattery, and that in it's cheapest form', rings just as true today.'
Melbourne Age


Charles Bean is perhaps best remembered for the official histories of Australia in the First World War, of which he wrote six volumes and edited the remaining six. He was also the driving force behind the establishment of the Australian War Memorial and was Australia’s official correspondent to the First World War.

Bean was born November 18 1879 at Bathurst, New South Wales and his family moved to...


The life of Charles Bean encompassed many different parts of the world which were all important to tell his story and so, initially, the greatest challenge for the production was finding the locations to recreate France, Gallipoli, Egypt, outback NSW and the home and hospital of Charles’ later life – all in some sort of proximity to each other.

At one stage it looked like the production was going to stretch from one end of...
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